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Leeds local Charlie is a Marketing Executive with a degree in Literature and Linguistics. Specialising in all things wordy, he knows his way around a sentence or two. Passionate about crafting blog content, social copy and everything in between, you'll hear his keyboard before you see him.

Alongside his keen eye for prose, Charlie gets stuck in with film photography, illustration and a bit of graphic design sprinkled in here and there.

When he's not coming up with a killer tagline, he's probably watching Leeds or in the local with a jar of gold (or both).

Just fOr Fun

Most likely to find me: In A&E with a skateboarding-related injury.

My colleagues would describe me as: Mr Benn, because I never look the same two days in a row.

My favourite thing about working in marketing is: The constant discovery and evolution of ways to appeal to an audience. Sometimes it's remarkably simple - often it's not - but there's always a fresh approach to be taken.

2 truths 1 lie: I have over 30 tattoos / My grandad was the president of Irish Rugby / I'm an identical triplet.

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