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Captain Typo

Yorkshire boy Ethan is a Graphic Designer with a foundation degree from Leeds University of Art (back when it was known as Leeds College of Art) and a degree from Northumbria University where he specialised in branding.

Ethan now brings his branding chops to Amsource, attempting to deliver consistency to any and all marketing and visual content. His goal at Amsource is to create graphics that look uniquely Amsource and stand apart from our competitors.

Ethan probably likes to think he is more interesting than he actually is, but in reality his interests only stretch as far as music, food and dogs.

Just fOr Fun

Most likely to find me eating, drinking, or talking about eating or drinking.

My colleagues would describe me as having the same groomer as Vinnie (the office Poochon)

2 truths 1 lie: I took part in the Race for Life before boys & men were allowed / I once swam the Channel doing backstroke / I have over 50 moles & freckles on my face alone

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