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Shooter McGavin

With fast approaching a decade of recruitment experience, Jason has worked with some of the largest, multisite businesses across various sectors - including: transport, gaming, big data, Fintech, banking, and oil & gas.

He is passionate about technology and people that are pioneering change in their markets. He says that "being part of a business that thinks in the same way as our clients is very exciting, and I look forward to demonstrating our Edison and Talent Sauce products which will enable their growth."

Having advised leaders from some of the largest and smallest businesses in the UK, Jason will continue developing partnerships with innovative start-ups that are built around world class technologies.

Just fOr Fun

Most likely to find me On a golf course or watching Formula 1 outside of work

My colleagues would describe me asThe one with the funny (Scottish) accent

My favourite thing about working at Amsource isBeing able to play a central role in the growth of pioneering tech companies bringing about positive change with the support of a world class team

2 truths 1 lie: I am a Lord, I can speak Norwegian and I am allergic to shellfish

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