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Queen P

Penny grew up in a quiet town in Lincolnshire before studying at the University of Leeds and has lived in Leeds ever since with her 2 dogs – Max and Oscar. Most people don’t know that Penny’s not actually from Leeds as Penny has fully committed to being a Northern lass and her accent has been described as a “posh Northern accent”! 

Penny joined Amsource as a Graduate Recruitment Consultant in 2013 and has progressed within the company through to Senior Consultant and Practice Lead. Penny is passionate about Health and Wellbeing and is part of a Tribe at Amsource that ensures that we are always thinking of ways to make the workplace a positive, supportive and healthy place to be. 

Just fOr Fun

Most likely to find me – At Friday drinks or “zenning out” on a yoga mat. 

My colleagues would describe me as – Dog mom of the year ????

My favourite thing about my role is – Building relationships with interesting entrepreneurs, and using my many years of industry experience to advise on careers. 

2 truths 1 lie: I once jumped 50,000 feet out of a plane/ I’m a black belt in 6 different martial arts/ My ex is a magician and our Office Manager once accidentally booked him for our Christmas do. 

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