The People

Vinnie & Oscar

Chief Happiness Officers

The happiness of the team is vital at all times, so here at Amsource we have added Chief Happiness Officers to our board.


Vinnie is a one year old Poochon, loves to play and accept belly rubs and treats.


Oscar is Vinnies office bestie and fellow Chief Happiness Officer.  A two year old French Bulldog Oscar loves patrolling the office looking for anyone down on their day who might need a pick me up.

Just fOr Fun

Most likely to find us looking for belly rubs, playing in the park or eating treats.

My colleagues would describe us as The smile making, mood enhancing, paw patrolling purveyors of happiness.

Our favourite thing about working at Amsource is The belly rubs, treats and all round team of good guys.

2 truths 1 lie: We love treats, we love belly rubs, we never leave 'surprises' in the office

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