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5 Questions on Supporting Entrepreneurs with AD:VENTURE

Providing a tailored mix of advice, coaching, financing and support, the team at AD:VENTURE are passionate about helping ambitious young businesses reach their full potential.

Supported by the European Regional Development Fund, AD:VENTURE’s energy is focused on nurturing Leeds-based start-up and scale-up businesses in their first three years of growth. This begs the question: Is there a more fitting partnership than AD:VENTURE and the Entrepreneur of the Year category? We’re certain there isn’t (and we know a fair bit about start-ups).

We spoke with their Communications and Marketing Manager, Daneile Moore, about AD:VENTURE's role in Leeds and, of course, the Leeds Digital Festival Awards.

What do AD:VENTURE offer the tech sector?

Lots of great stuff! We are a business support programme that works with Start Ups in the Leeds city region. We can provide a local dedicated business advisor to help a new founder build their business, we offer workshops on all sorts of business topics and can give access to experts in industry, and even have a grant fund for those looking to grow their business and create new jobs for the area.

How are you involved in the tech community here in Leeds?

We have lots of connections to the Tech community here in Leeds and the wider region, working with the tech eco system to make sure any start up or early-stage founder can get their hands on the free support we offer. 

Why is being involved important?

The tech sector in Leeds was one of four cities that attracted more venture capital investment in 2021 (according to data from job search engine Adzuna and industry network Tech Nation). AD:VENTURE’s role is to support start-ups in their early stages, in turn supporting economic growth and job creation in the region. We have worked with over 4500 businesses so far across the city region, and a large proportion of these are tech businesses. It’s pretty rare now to have any start up that doesn’t use tech in some way!

For us, that’s why it’s vital we are connected and supportive of the tech sector, as this will drive a huge amount of future growth and investment for our businesses and citizens, which improves lives through the creation of opportunities.

You’re sponsoring the Entrepreneur of the Year category at the LDF Awards – why have you chosen to support the Awards?

Well, how could we not!

We are always looking for the next emerging entrepreneurs and future talent, and we wanted to show our support by sponsoring the awards. The team at the LDF awards do an incredible job and we are proud to play a small part in helping by sponsoring a category. Awards are a fantastic opportunity for businesses to raise their profile, and to learn about each other, and a great way to seek emerging talent too!

We are really looking forward to the event, what are you looking forward to the most?

We are really looking forward to seeing our tech community and businesses in person after all the video conferencing calls of the past 18 months!

We are also excited to introduce our new Programme Manager at AD:VENTURE, Stuart Ross to the tech community. Stuart, like me, can’t wait to meet so many of the businesses who have made an impact through this tough time. 

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