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Amsource anticipate positive Q1 within Tech

First and foremost, Happy New Year from us all at Amsource!

While we’ll never forget how 2020 presented a range of unprecedented unforeseen challenges, we should be proud of how everybody across the tech sector adapted, giving us a platform to continue doing what we do best. Working with ambitious clients and aspirational candidates allowed us to have the best Q4 in the decade long history of our business, and that energy has been carried in to 2021.

Two things should be at the top of everybody’s agendas for Q1 this year: IR35 and remote working.

April will be here before we know it, and with it comes significant changes to how businesses and contractors will be viewed by HMRC. I have already written a full blog discussing those measures and the resources Amsource have in place to help your organisation thrive in the face of IR35, and you can download our package to explore those solutions here. Should you wish to talk these through in more details, please don’t hesitate in dropping me a line, or picking up the phone.

Additionally, it cannot be overstated just how seriously all businesses should be taking remote working. Even when normality resumes, working from home will not suddenly disappear from the agenda. We are already finding that companies who are committing to longterm flexibility are attracting the best talent in the market, and candidates have made where they work as important a factor as what projects they’re focussing on and how much they’re being paid - so businesses that are seen to be overly wedded to their offices are noticing their offers be rebuffed more than they’d expected.

Our team have compiled some truly eye-opening resources around remote working, remote hiring, remote onboarding and how to maintain company culture and encourage effective collaboration, which is all available for free online. Spearheaded by our UK and International Practice Lead’s David Robinson and Mike Dwyer, please get in touch with them to discuss any of these issues further.

We’re feeling refreshed, confident and positive about the new year here at Amsource, and we know our clients and candidates are feeling the same. Let’s all work together to keep this momentum going, and give our sector the platform required to continue flourishing.


Andrew Maeer

Founder and CEO, Amsource



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