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Amsource Celebrates 10th Birthday

Ten years of Amsource…it’s a landmark achievement that I’m really happy to be celebrating with you all today, as its no secret how big of a gamble starting your own business can be. This has been, by far, the busiest decade of my life both personally and professionally, and to see this company go from strength-to-strength in those years fills me with an immense amount of pride and gratitude - to my colleagues, employees, clients, candidates, peers and family who’ve all helped in their own way to get us to where we are today.

I started AMsource Technology - as we were once known! - a decade ago, having just turned 30, yet to get married and with no kids. Ten years on, as a newly minted 40 year old, married and with two amazing daughters, it isn’t just my personal circumstances that have changed and grown for the better.

We started, as all fledgling recruitment businesses tend to, as a bums-on-seats transactionally focussed company, working with as many corporate clients as possible to generate revenue and grow the business in whatever way we could. While the service and expertise we offered was good and better than most, there wasn’t anything revolutionary or special about who we were, what we did or how we went about doing it. Giving the business better focus and a more defined identity has been the real success of this first decade.

Amsource is now a truly international company, working not just in our heartland of Leeds, but in Europe and America too, with a firm base set up in Berlin that’s growing by the day. We’ve moved away from some of our more corporate clients and work in the cutting edge start-up space, offering bespoke and innovative Edison and Talent Sauce product-lead talent solutions, rather than simply looking to make as many placements as possible. As our own knowledge and team has grown, so has our reputation and the advisory services we’re able to offer, and I’m proud that so many of our clients continue to work with us because of the relationships we’ve formed, as well as the unicorn talent we help them identity and attract.

Our tenth year has thrown us its own challenges, but I’m proud to have seen those through with the strongest team Amsource has ever assembled beside me. Having moved to bigger offices in a prime location in the centre of Leeds, we have the infrastructure in place to continue on the upwards trajectory we’ve set ourselves on, with the ambition as strong now as it was on day one. The first ten years of running this business has been an incredible experience, affording me friends, memories and professional growth that I wouldn’t have had otherwise, and I’m excited to see where the next decade takes us.

Thank you for all of your continued support, and I’ll check back in when I’m 50…


Until then, Happy 10th Birthday Amsource!


Andrew Maeer, 

Founder & CEO.


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