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Amsource proud to unveil new website and branding

Welcome to the new home of Amsource online, we hope you like it!

Hopefully you’ll have noticed some refreshed aesthetics and rebrand, which have been present across our social media channels for some weeks now. I just wanted to take some time to provide in insight why we’ve decided to make such big changes, and how that will hopefully be a mutually beneficial decision. 

Why have we launched a new brand and website? It’s simple, really. Amsource has evolved - and is continuing to - which is why we felt it was time to have a brand that reflected our company and work as it is today and will be going forward, rather than what it may have been in years gone by. We’d left our old identity behind some time ago, and wanted to do justice to ourselves and the people we work with by working on our appearance.

It goes without saying that our work growing tech businesses and being an active member of the tech community is something we’re extremely proud of, and we wanted to give that much more prominence and visibility going forward. We wanted our brand to reflect not only our business more accurately, but the markets in which we operate as well - it was important that we had the same feeling of belonging in how we presented ourselves to the world as we do inside the community.

We aren’t a traditional transactional recruitment business, and with our unique products such a strength of what we do and what we can offer, it was important to us that we gave them the best foundation possible. The way we can display and discuss the likes of Edison and Talent Sauce is now far more accurate for products that are deserving of headline status. We’re a team who specialise in finding talent solutions, scaling businesses and being an indispensable advisory service - we didn’t want our digital footprint to suggest any differently than that.

As as extension of that, our new website has been designed to provide maximum insight in to who we are and what we do. We want clients and candidates to be aware of how we can help them from having landed on our site, and then talk to us more closely about how we can go about making that happen. We don’t want Amsource to feel like a buttoned up corporate environment, because on top of delivering we like to think we’re good to work with, too - we’re transparent and approachable, so that’s what our website needed to be, too. 

Practically, our blog is a knowledge hub that we aim to share useful, timely pieces through, with the ability to upload CVs, browse the job market and get in contact with us also fundamentals - despite not being the most glamorous to talk about! This isn’t about form over function, so all of the tools and resources you’d want and expect haven’t been neglected. 

Between these changes, we hope everyone that we currently do business with - and those we hope to do business with in the future - now have a greater understanding of Amsource, with a more honest reflection of who they’re working with now readily available to them. We help businesses solve problems by hiring the right talent, rather than simply putting bums in seats - and our new brand and website just further underlines that.


Look forward to speaking soon, 

Andrew Maeer, CEO.


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