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Amsource release Remote Onboarding Blueprint

During our first webinar on remote working, one topic that was frequently raised as an area of confusion was remote onboarding. With tech businesses still looking to fulfil projects, grow teams and remain ambitious, the process of onboarding new starters of all levels quickly became a task that presented difficulties – not only logistically, but practically and holistically, too.

How can that human interaction be replicated to maintain that same welcoming atmosphere and informative nature without becoming alienating or impersonal?

With that in mind, and knowing there was a huge appetite for discussion around the theme of onboarding remotely, we organised an online masterclass with a panel of experts, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience with those hoping to learn and adapt in their own roles, giving the tech community a platform through which to share and collaborate in the hope that the sector as a whole can benefit.

With speakers from across the European tech scene, we brought together Irena Yeung from SolarisBank, Alasdair Thompson from BAE Systems, Matjaz Domen Pecan from Spark Networks and Anjo Gaul, who had been the Community Manager at TestIO. Collectively, the assembled panel had either been onboarding remotely – and successfully – before the COVID-19 pandemic had hit, or had quickly adopted their operations during lockdown to accommodate the changes.

The full session is available on YouTube for those who missed it live or wish to re-watch, but we also worked alongside our panel to create a Remote Onboarding Blueprint, which we’ve designed to help those recruiting within the tech sector maintain best practice, and have a constant reminder and reference point for all of the many factors that need to be considered when a new starter is joining in the current climate. Broken down in to twenty digestible segments to allow the user to create their own process from the information presented, it’s a tool we’ve already received great feedback from, as we wanted to ensure its usefulness before sharing widely.

This was just the second session in a three-part remote working webinar series, with the third and final part of that series a collaboration with MURAL focussed on remote culture and collaboration – you can find out more about that event here. We hope we’ll see you there!



David Robinson and Mike Dwyer

UK and International Practice Lead, Amsource


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