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Blockchain in Berlin

One of the most progressive and active tech hubs on the planet, Berlin is constantly pushing forward with new technologies and products to revolutionise the way we work. Not a place well accustomed to standing still, there is always a new methodology, tool, process or tech stack being popularised and embraced, which is why so many ambitious developers and engineers relocate to the city. Working so closely with both clients and candidates in the area, the latest tech trend isn’t at all difficult to spot – and it’s broken through to mainstream consciousness, too: blockchain. 

For all of the most clued-up candidates in the market, blockchain is by far the area into which they want to work the most. Our client base is constantly expanding and blockchain is at the heart of that as well. With so many crypto-currencies and trading platforms becoming front page news and household names, the cat is well and truly out of the crypto bag. 

With the blockchain world, the underlying technologies attract as much interest the products themselves – such as Rust

A language we’re seeing a real surge in demand for, those skilled enough to interest the businesses looking are few and far between. For those in tech wanting to get in to the blockchain world, it’s imperative that both a knowledge of and practical understanding of Rust are part of your repertoire. For those with a background in C++, the similarities between the two languages allow for a fairly straightforward transition, so that should be kept in mind. 

There is also some belief that Golang is a good entry point to Rust, so those coming from Go could also be well positioned to enter the Blockchain sector.  

Whether you’re a business looking for Rust talent, or a candidate wanting to get involved with Blockchain, our team is perfectly positioned to help you achieve your goals. Our network in Berlin is extensive, so we’d love to help match the right businesses with their dream hires – all you have to do is get in touch and we can discuss your needs further. 
Jason Ferreira 
International Delivery Talent Consultant 

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