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byProduct: Event one success with Babbel!

byProduct has been growing steadily since our launch back in January, and we’ve had a brilliant Q1 within the community – culminating in our first ‘real’ event! 

Having run an initial introductory session, we recently hosted a presentation with Rachel Lynch, the UX Research Lead at Babbel, who discussed their experience with combining qual and quant to define product personas. 

Facilitated by byProduct member Scott Weiss – formerly of Babbel and now at Medikura – our community had exclusive access to the presentation, gaining valuable insight into a major area of consideration. Sparking a brilliant question and answer session that allowed our group to really get the answers to their own problems from an expert that they might not have gained otherwise, this was a brilliant example of what byProduct events are designed to be: accessible, informative, interactive and impactful. 

With several more events already being planned with a schedule of at least once a month being targeted, those members of our community that were unable to attend have been give access to a recorded version of the session within the Slack space, so that any further discussions or questions can be raised amongst peers. 

byProduct has now grown to over 100 members, which will be monitored for activity and kept as lean and interactive as possible – dormant accounts won’t be tolerated within our community, as this is a space designed for collaboration and sharing.  

We have recently expanded on our initial visions and values, creating a diversity and inclusion policy that will underline our commitment to creating the most open, tolerant and accessible space possible for product leaders, with no other barrier for entry other than technical relevance. There is also an ongoing commitment from the current co-founders to diversify byProduct at the highest level, and an announcement on that will be made in good time. 

As ever, byProduct is open to new members and applications from product leaders either based in Berlin, or one of the world’s many tech hubs. To be considered, please fill in our application form, or reach out to one of our co-founders directly to find out more. 


Mike Dwyer and Nikhil Grover 

Co-founders, byProduct


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