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How is Amsource adjusting to working remotely during the lockdown?

Having now been working fully remote for over a month, Amsource have happily settled in to our ‘new normal’, as it were. Meetings continue over Edison, group chats keep the office banter alive and Friday afternoon beers have been replaced with a team pub quiz!

The hard work is also continuing, of course. While there have been obvious challenges during this initial period of readjustment during lockdown, it hasn’t stopped up from doing what we do best - helping tech companies find the best possible talent for their needs. While some businesses have understandably hit pause on recruitment and decided to take stock for the time being, we’re noticing those that have continued to recruit are flourishing.

With the delay to IR35, we’ve worked hard getting many of our contractors renewed, with our clients pleased to have the familiarity and reliability of proven talent available to them during a time where flexibility is paramount. Many businesses that had previously turned their back on contracting in favour of permanent hires have also reverted in light of these changes, allowing the contract market to be a hive of activity, which had started to slow in anticipation of IR35 being implemented.

Our clients looking to hire, grow and scale permanently have also worked with us to completely redesign their recruitment processes to allow for the new rules we have in place. One business, for example, used to operate a five stage face-to-face interview process, with colleagues from around the country having to travel to different sites in order for candidates to meet all of the relevant personnel before a hiring decision was made. In light of the lockdown, that has now become a two stage remote interview process via Edison, with hires already having been made and remotely onboarded, with both client and candidate extremely pleased with how the new process worked.

Recently, we’ve noticed a definite upturn in the number of clients exploring additions again, with the more settled and definite nature of the current situation allowing businesses to plan with more confidence, having seen the lay of the land and been able to more accurately project their health going forward.

Amsource will be working remotely for as long as we’re required to, and during that time, want to help our clients remotely recruit, interview and onboard as successfully as possible. For further information on how we can help you do this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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