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How to Attract and Retain Tech Talent

Candidates in the technology market at the moment are spoilt for choice with the sheer number of great companies looking to hire quality tech talent.

It’s no secret that adopting a solid digital strategy and expanding through various technological channels is pretty high on the list of priorities for the majority of businesses. So, ensuring they have the right employees with the relevant digital skills is becoming extremely important.


Where talent pools across many industries are extremely competitive between candidates, with candidates having to tackle thousands of other applicants to fight for one role, it would seem that this is slightly different in technology.

So in this ‘candidate-driven’ market where the talent have their pick of the top tech jobs available, what would make a candidate pick YOUR company over the numerous other companies offering them a role? And equally importantly, what is going to make them stay?

Techies want a deeper meaning

Techies are always looking for something to work on that actually matters. Purpose over profit, right?

“A mission, a narrative, a way to dent into the universe”.

Does your company have a clear view of where it wants to be and by when, and can new employees envision being a part of driving the companies success? Are your recruits bought into your company’s mission and objectives? More to the point, is your mission worth investing in? You can’t just pitch techies a role and hope they’ll drop all other offers with ‘yep, that sounds great, count me in’. You need to paint a story of how their work will make an impact in what you are trying to achieve.

Genius attracts genius

Team means more than you think. Who you work with is nearly as important to software engineers as what you’re working on. The most talented and interesting people in the world want to work with the other talented and interesting people. Genius attracts genius.

It’s important for tech professionals to be inspired in the workplace and have other people in the office that they can gain experience and wider knowledge from.

Up to date, cutting edge

Techies want to work for companies that are continually improving, modern and contemporary. Forward thinking companies that candidates want to work for are exactly that – forward thinking. They’re always looking ahead for ways to continuously improve what they’re doing and ensure they are keeping up to date with all the latest technologies, which keeps things fresh and exciting for their employees.

If you’re using a tech stack that’s five years old while your competition is constantly upgrading their tools and technologies, you’re going to put yourself in a difficult position when trying to attract the right people to your organisation.

Company culture

One of the biggest attractions for tech talent is company culture. Companies like Google and Airbnb are praised for their amazing company culture. A positive working environment is a key priority for these companies and in return their employees enjoy working for them sticking with them for the long haul.

Tech professionals are innovators. Their working environments should reflect this. The Silicon Valley giants we’ve mentioned incorporate ‘break out’ areas where employees can get space to be creative and embrace new ideas.

Google says that "Focusing on output rather than hours worked and treating employees well, with on-site facilities like allowing pets in the office and up-to-date technology, all helps to create an engaged, motivated and happy workforce and there is no reason why these kinds of perks can’t be introduced at smaller tech companies too."

Can you offer your employees an attractive company culture? And a space where they are going to continue to innovate and perform?

Incentives and company perks

While the projects and culture may be what initially attracts technology candidates to a role, the ‘perks’ and the benefits of working for your company are what will make them stay with you.

Hard work needs to be recognised. Techies  want to feel like they are appreciated for work and that their company recognises and respects their life outside of work too. For example: “The opportunity to work at Google attracts professionals as it provides an industry-leading maternity package to its employees. Intel offers its employees compensation for completing their MBA and offers free tutoring services to employees’ children.”

Understandably smaller companies may not be in a position to offer all the same perks as those at Google and Facebook, but other perks such as flexible working opportunities and extended annual leave days are some of the things that are hugely appreciated by technology professionals looking for a new company to join.

Andrew Maeer
Founder & CEO, Amsource

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