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Here at Amsource Technology we're currently undertaking a large recruitment campaign for a fast-growing software house in Yorkshire.

This company develop their products on the platform from (100,000 customers worldwide, revenues in excess of $3bn). The platform is built using languages Apex and Visualforce. One of the constant challenges for us is speaking with developers who use what would be considered to be mainstream languages (such as Java and C#) , and the prospect of them cross-training to work on the platform.

Our client hire Java and C# Developers across all levels as Apex and Visualforce are based around Java / C#.  They are object-orientated, use classes/inheritance etc.

So, we'd be interested in hearing from the Developer community their thoughts on the pros and cons of this, and why there can be reluctance to cross train to a new language. 

Does working for a fast-growing, silicon valley-led organisation with a fantastic working environment right here in Gods-own County, Yorkshire, provide an attractive enough proposition to Developers?

Some interesting facts from the USA show that the platform is now the most in demand technology for developers to work with, and also pays the highest average salary against its competitors.

Would this change the viewpoint of Developers here in the UK?  Why is there a reluctance to move away from Java and .NET?

We welcome comments from Developers and Technologists for their thoughts on the subject…

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