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Mike Dwyer: What I Bring to the Mentoring Club

Having heard about the scheme through my network, I’ve been a part of the Mentoring Club since its inception - with the idea something that really captured my imagination during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. During a period of such uncertainty and free time, it presented me an opportunity to interact and engage outside of my four walls in a productive and meaningful manner, hopefully benefitting those who wish to speak to me. 

Being in tech recruitment, my experience and knowledge of the industry isn’t just in-depth, but unique, too. Having that inside line on what both candidates want and aspire to, as well as knowing what hiring managers and companies actually value and look for in new recruits gives me a complete view on how to build a career in this space. This allows me the chance to speak to both sides of that particular dynamic and offer insight and advice that they wouldn’t usually hear, hopefully allowing businesses a greater understanding of how to be better employers, and candidates a better chance of presenting themselves in a way that best highlights their talent. 

For example, one recent mentee had moved from the United States to Berlin with his partner but was really struggling to find work despite filing almost 100 applications for a front-end role. Having helped tweak his CV and application answers, as well as providing interview techniques and showing him in the areas in which he should be more engaged in the community, he found himself in the position of having three separate firm offers from which to choose. 

With fourteen years of experience, I have helped countless people accelerate their careers and have been at the centre of the team building process for countless other companies – that leaves me perfectly places to speak to anyone looking for advice on how to take the next steps in their career, or provide insight to hiring managers who want to attract the best talent possible, but aren’t sure how. Not just my career, the tech industry is a real passion of mine outside of office hours, and while I may not use the technologies I recruit for as an engineer, that hasn’t stopped me from keeping up with all of the latest industry trends and developments.  

With the current climate how it is, with so many talented people out of work and tech companies still eager to fulfil projects under strained circumstances, I’d love to help in any way I can to get our industry on the path to thriving again – and the Mentoring Club seems like an excellent platform through which to connect to the people who might want to speak the most and benefit from sharing my experience. If this sounds like you, please do get in touch. 

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