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Recruiting in the connected world

The Modern Recruiter

The modern day recruiter needs a set of skills, tools and an approach that has changed and developed over the last 10 years.  You need to be open with an all-inclusive approach – not evasive, secretive and with an attitude like something from Wolf of Wall Street.

Here I give some thoughts in what I think are the key attributes we should be adopting as recruiters in a modern, connected and open world.

Delivery Focussed
As recruiters we’re here to provide a service, and the ability to deliver on that service is crucial.  Setting expectations, meeting deadlines and working with a high level of skill and expertise is a must.  However, if you can’t deliver you need to explain why and provide alternative and realistic solutions.  You won’t lose credibility for explaining why you can’t deliver on something if you provide details as to why!

Expert market knowledge
You need to become an expert in your chosen market, as this allows you to add significant value to your clients.  We’re not talking about sitting down and writing code (although that would be good.) but we are saying you need to know your Java from your Javascript as a minimum!  You need to understand key skills and how they fit into your market and know who the key hiring companies and key influencers are.

Be a Partner Adding Value
This goes without saying, but what we’re talking about is adding value beyond putting bums on seats and managing a process.  Recruiters should partner with organisations, being a confidant providing sound market intelligence and contributing to the wider community.  This can be through attending events, organising events and being integrated into a clients recruitment process through an RPO approach or basics such managed interviews.  Adding value builds your credibility in your market.

Quality over Quantity
You’re paid to provide a service to improve a company’s hiring processes, not to add to it.  Work on a quality basis, not quantity.  Only send relevant CV’s, and pick up the phone to explain why you haven’t.  Don’t send CV’s to show you’re working in the background, doing so means the client are wasting energy sifting unsuitable candidates, and you’re wasting the candidates time if they’re clearly unsuitable against the role profile.  Oh, and don’t send a CV without clearly telling the candidate where they’re being sent – you’re making everyone's lives a nightmare in the process.  Just manage the process more effectively if you need to protect the clients name.

The whole world is going social, so Recruiters need to follow suit.  Linkedin is a given, but modern recruiters are using tools such as Twitter, Facebook etc as well as investing in blogs.  This is about building your personal brand, encouraging people in your network to be attracted to you rather than you having to do all the chasing.  Recruitment God Greg Savage talks about recruiters becoming marketeers – take notice!

It is vital the modern recruiter has the ability to influence.  Gone are the days of boiler-room sales tactics of the 80’s and 90’s.  We need to be in tune with our clients and candidates and the markets we operate, providing sound information to attract candidates to join our clients, and to encourage clients to use our services.  It’s important we influence in a positive manner, not by bad mouthing others.

Personal Brand
You need to build a personal brand.  Your actions and approach coupled with your attitude and ability to tell people about it across multiple channels is your personal brand.  What do you want people to think of you and how will that encourage them engage with you now, and for the long-term?  We’re in the millennial age where information is created and stored for eternity – If your name is typed into Google what will it say about you….

What attributes do you think are most important for the modern day recruiter?

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