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Remote Working Webinar: Download Our Report Now

Having had a few days to digest our first large scale webinar, we wanted to share some thoughts about the event - and offer some insight in to what we’ll be doing in the future. Discussing the role of remote working in the tech industry due to Covid-19 and how that might impact our working lives moving forward, there was plenty of timely and fertile ground for us to cover.

Firstly, however, we would like to start by thanking our brilliant panelists - Rob MacDonald of DAZN, Tasos Vogiatzoglou of SumUp and Dog Gordon of AT&T - for helping us deliver an incredibly thorough, worthwhile and interesting webinar. Without their input, the event would never have been as successful as it was, and their contribution was truly invaluable. 

We had an amazing turn out, and have had some excellent feedback already. Thank you as well to those of you who stayed with us and engaged throughout the presentation - our aim was to have an interactive event where discussion and questions were encouraged, and it was great to see that really taken to heart and run with. The tech community is such a rich landscape, it’s always a pleasure to have likeminded people discussing topics like this with such passion, and lots of good points were made as a result. 

For those who were unable to attend, a copy of our report is now available via this link. This includes a breakdown of all our data and original statistics in easily digested formats. If you’d like to discuss any of our findings or have any questions of your own, our contact details are available on that linked download. We will also be sharing further material based on the key learning points from the webinar in the coming days, so please keep your eyes peeled on our social channels for more information regarding that.

Going forward, we are going to be hosting more webinars - with so many topics already suggested to us, we have plenty of material and interesting discussions already waiting to have. Our first webinar was such a worthwhile and encouraging experience, we feel it’s a way of bringing the community together during this time that we’d be extremely pleased to facilitate. So please, if of interest, keep an eye out for details of those going forward, too!


We look forward to sharing a screen with you soon,

David Robinson and Mike Dwyer.


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