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Say Hello: Amsource Hire International Talent Delivery Consultant

With a fantastic end to 2020 behind us and a record start to 2021 under our belt, Amsource is targeting growth for the rest of the year - and that starts by adding to our already excellent team. This week, Jason Ferreira has joined us as International Talent Delivery Consultant, so we grabbed a few moments of his time to see how he’s settling in. 


Jason, welcome to the Amsource team! How are you settling in?

Really well, thank you. I’m just in the process of booking in and taking my first few calls, so I’m getting to know some candidates now. Berlin is a really interesting market, I’ve always been really interested in emerging industries and technologies, so I really like the fact I’m working with things like Blockchain, which I haven’t had the opportunity to previously.


What has your immediate focus been on since joining?

I’ve always been candidate focussed, so my focus is to go beyond expectations so that they feel fully supported throughout the process and find the best possible role for them. I’m glad to have had good feedback in previous roles with how attentive I’ve been with candidates, and that’s obviously something I’m wanting to continue in this position.


You’ve had an interesting and varied working life. Could you give us a brief outline of your career to date?

I started off in sales after leaving university, which I did for a couple of years before moving to Australia and doing a similar role down under. I went back to London after that and remained in sales until I went into recruitment. My last role was in the cybersecurity sector, so also within the tech space, and I focussed primarily on the US market in that position. Working in delivery has been my focus, being candidate facing – and I like developing those relationships to naturally establish myself within a sector or industry.


What was the attraction to Amsource?

The role seemed like something that fit in really well with my experience and where I want my career to be. The company also looked to fit in with the type of environment I wanted to be in, one that was inclusive and goal orientated, whilst also being a fun place to work. Amsource has always felt very inviting, which when coupled with the industry and technologies we work with is really exciting.


Now that you’ve learned more about Amsource and what we do, what is standing out the most?

Learning more about the technology and candidates has been great, and I’m really looking forward to taking all of that new knowledge in to making placements. There’s a lot of talent out there, especially working in Berlin where the sector is so wide and diverse, so that’s the most exciting bit for me. I really like the process too: finding the right candidate for a role, giving them the best service possible, working closely with the client and making a deal happen that satisfies everybody. As a company too, I think we’re given every piece of tech and tool imaginable to perform, and that’s not something I’ve experienced before, so I’m very keen to make the most of that.


Thank you to Jason for your time, and the entire Amsource team is really happy and excited to have you onboard! We hope to continue adding to our team as the year progresses, so if you believe you’ve got something worth bringing to the business, please do get in touch.


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