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Three Ways To Maintain Company Culture Whilst Working Remotely

Culture and atmosphere are central to the success of any business. While they may be intangible factors, there is little doubting just how much impact the happiness and fulfilment of a workforce can have on results and group wins. 

With so many companies and industries as a whole now forced to work remotely, how does a business go about maintaining that culture while their employees are no longer under the same roof? With so much hard work and time having gone in to developing and instilling the core tenants of these shared philosophies, does that all get forgotten when the constant contact that reinforces it is removed?

Having worked with many fully-remote businesses, both before and during the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are measures that can be taken to keep that familiarity and rapport alive, to make the eventual transition back in to our normal working lives and environments that bit easier. 


Create group oppertunities for employees to get together








If your usual working day included frequent team progress meetings, they shouldn’t be forgotten about while working remotely - sharing updates on how your day has been or what you’ve got planned can open up regular avenues of conversation and collaboration, which can reinforce that group mentality and help teams feel less apart. Away from purely work focused exchanges, if you’re the type of social company who enjoy regular Friday drinks or have a lunch club set up, try and replace that with an interactive online activity to get everyone enjoying themselves together again - here at Amsource, for example, our Friday beers have been replaced with a Friday quiz via Edison, with the whole team participating!


Help your employees feel as comfortable WFH as possible








The same small details that make all the difference in the office are just as important - if not even more so - when working remotely. You should ensure that your employees not only have the right tools to perform their role to the best of their abilities to their disposal, but are comfortable using them at home. In the office, we ensure we have the right desks, chairs, monitor positions, ergonomic keyboards and mice - that same attention to detail should remain for remote employees, especially during such an extended period away from the office. Another touch to consider is company branded merchandise to make them feel a sense of belonging from home - mouse mats, stationary and hoodies are a great place to start. 


Encourage communication, and celebrate successes together








Most offices will actively encourage colleagues to speak about work as often as possible - discussing ongoing tasks, seeking wider views and opinions, informal exchanges about challenges and obstacles. Having that support system to hand is one of the hardest things to replace and replicate in a remote environment. In order to combat this, teams should be equipped with as much communication software as possible, with instant messaging and video calls far more attractive than emails or picking up the phone. When one of the team has a win, this should be celebrated by all as it would be in the office, to reinforce a sense of togetherness and collective success.Need any help with setting your team up remotely? 


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