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Top Software Testing Trends for 2016

It’s been a busy start to 2016 and we have already seen a lot of movement in technology. As the demand for a more “technical” Tester increases, so does the importance for a Tester to keep an eye on trends in technology as this will undoubtedly have an impact on expectations for Testers to up-skill in certain areas in order to stay ahead of the competition. 

Here is what I think will be the most important trends for Software Testers in 2016.

1. Automation Testing
Test Automation has advanced significantly in recent years with the availability of popular opensource tools like Selenium Webdriver and SoapUI, providing an opportunity for Testers to create robust and efficient test frameworks. This will undoubtedly continue to grow in 2016, as I predict that companies will begin to see Test Automation as a necessity rather than a luxury.

2. Mobile Applications
In this digital age, companies have had no option but to embrace the rise of mobile technology. This, along with the on-going birth of digital agencies and the uprising of software houses specialising in mobile technologies, means that we will notice a significant impact on software testing as the demand for functional, performance, usability and compatibility testing on these mobile applications increase. We are already seeing an increase in demand for specialist Mobile Application Testers, and as we know, the natural progression for manual methods of testing can only lead to Test Automation, which means we will ultimately see mobile automation as an ensuing trend. Testers can expect to see an increase in demand for skills in mobile automation tools, such as Appium.  

3. More Agile, More Dev-Ops
The increasing adoption of an Agile approach has brought Developers and Testers together and has seen more and more organisations embracing Dev-ops practices in order to speed up deliverables. Testers in 2016 can expect to see testing in an Agile environment as a continuous trend and testing in a Dev-ops environment as an emerging trend.

4. Big Data
Big data is one of many buzzwords in technology right now, slowly rising in popularity over the last few years as companies realise the benefit of analysing complex sets of data to discover information that could help them to make better decisions. If you shop on Amazon, you will have noticed that your buying patterns and previous searches on their website will influence their product suggestions for you on your next visit. Data testing is already quite a niche skill set and an area where there’s a skills gap in testing, and as this trend peaks and more companies buy into the hype, Testers will be expected to pick up specialist skills in testing big data solutions.  

This is just what I think but I’d love to hear others’opinions. What do you think will influence the testing community this year? What impact have you already seen or experienced from some of these emerging trends?



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