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What can you be doing to prepare to return to work while furloughed?

With so much of the workforce currently on furlough, the question being asked now more than ever is: what can I do to make the most of my furlough leave? Whilst it’s tempting to simply camp out in front of the television and mow through those Netflix shows you’ve been meaning to binge, that sustained period away from work will make the transition back to professional life all the more difficult.

Whilst it’s unfair - and quite frankly unrealistic - to expect furloughed members of staff to spend their whole days as they would if working from home, there are some measures that you can take to not only better prepare yourself for the return to work, but further your skillset and career in the process…with plenty of time remaining to get through those boxed sets.


Refresh your training

Refresh Your Training







When we’re at work, we’re often so focussed getting our tasks at hand completed that we lose sight of the training we’ve received. The foundation to what we’re doing, a lot of what we once learnt can be lost in the day-to-day rush of performing our roles, so this break could be a perfect opportunity to revisit those resources and reestablish the fundamentals. At the very least, it’s sharpening skills frequently relied on, so there’s no harm in that.


Learn a brand new skill

Tech presents us with infinite opportunities. With so many specialities, most people will stick to the field and area in which they feel most comfortable, becoming experts in their preferred language or code, whilst rarely touching on the variations. Businesses value flexible and multi-skilled employees, so by showing both the willingness and ability to learn and master new skills is an excellent method to not only expand your knowledge base, but boost your employability. 


Update your personal brand

This may seem frivolous on the surface, but taking some time to keep your CV well organised and up-to-date, as well as ensuring your LinkedIn and other professional social media is well maintained can go a long way. Rival companies are always looking to hire, so even if you’re happy in your current role, another opportunity might not be too far around the corner - so putting yourself in the best possible position to impress potential hiring managers with a slick CV and impressive online presence can be the difference between catching somebodies eye and not.


Reevaluate your career trajectory

A far more long-term train of thought, but we are rarely put in a position where we can take a step back from our careers and evaluate the route we’re currently on. For those who feel like they’re in control of their professional path and comfortable with the route being taken, there’s no need to over analyse - but if you feel like career has stagnated, or you’re not where you need to be in order to match your reality with your aspirations, taking this time to put a plan in place to realign everything would be a worthwhile and productive use of time.


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