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Why June Was Such A Positive Month Within the Tech Industry

Working in recruitment allows you to keep a finger on the pulse of your chosen industry. It’s no secret that from March to May, that pulse was decidedly faint – but that is, thankfully, no longer the case.

The tech industry was far from being alone in erring on the side of caution, and while we navigated such unchartered waters, that was an entirely understandable mindset. Hiring wasn’t completely frozen – companies that were already working in a fully remote capacity continued to attract talent – but for the most part, attention had shifted from creating jobs to retaining them.

It now feels that, finally, the tide is beginning to turn. While the threat of Covid-19 remains a very real and present danger which should still be approached with complete caution and diligence, as an industry, tech has now settled in to working patterns that allows us to reengage with our ambition whilst adhering to the new public health guidelines. June provided the spark we were in desperate need of, and it was brilliant to see the collective enthusiasm return on the back of that taste of normality.

As a business, it marked our most successful June in the 10-year history of Amsource, which is a real signal of how positive the mindset within the market has become. Rewarded for the hard work we put in, we were proud to finish the month with a 100% fill rate across all of our vacancies, with a ratio of one hire for every two CVs we submitted. Matched with the partnership agreements in place to use our Edison Key Hire product, the full, efficient service we were able to provide our clients is something our team should be extremely proud of themselves for delivering, having received lots of positive feedback to further underline their performance.

Carrying that momentum forward, we’re still seeing those same levels of hunger within the market from the most exciting, ambitious businesses. Unfortunately, it’s still likely that many highly talented people will be let go in the near future as the furlough scheme experiences significant change – but it doesn’t appear that they will remain on the market for very long, with many of our clients having already brought forward planned recruitment to provide new opportunities to those facing displacement.

We’re looking forward to helping the industry continue to flourish in the face of adversity, with the increased prevalence interviewing, onboarding and working remotely central to that success. If you are a candidate seeking a new opportunity or a business wanting to land the perfect person to expand your team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. It’s nice to be able to celebrate such positivity after what was a long and challenging time, and long may the industry and market remain this active and prosperous.


David Robinson and Mike Dwyer

Practice Lead, Amsource

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