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Work with Amsource to Enhance Your Internal Recruitment Capabilities

When mismanaged, the relationship between internal recruitment departments and agencies can be unnecessarily adversarial. With some external recruiters, we understand how their involvement and input can feel intrusive if their intention is to simply complete work on your behalf without collaboration, rather than being a complimentary service and dovetailing with your existing skills and experience.

It is a myth that internal teams negate the need for outside council, and companies that become too overly reliant on building their teams entirely alone could be falling short of their full potential. A large proportion of our clients have their own recruitment resources internally, but know that without supplementary services.

By allowing your internal recruitment department to work alongside Amsource, businesses open themselves up to not only better and more efficient results, but an additional knowledge bank and advisory resource. Our experience of the tech industry allows us to not only provide the best talent solutions and tools available on the market, but we can also discuss strategy and planning to help plot the best course to future success.

Happily, our reputation and contacts within the market allow us access to the best possible candidates in the industry, providing us the ability to place unicorn talent within your business at far shorter lead times than you would be able to achieve alone. As an additional dedicated resource, we can also help manage applications and interviews to ensure that you’re only ever presented with the best possible options for your team, saving you time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.

Our approach is to work hand-in-hand with internal departments, and enhance the job they’re able to do, rather than take their role away from them, or become a duplicate resource. By focussing our energy on doing the heavy lifting and assisting with key hires, as well as offering value added advisory services and access to top tier recruitment products, Amsource is able to compliment and collaborate with your existing team – giving you the best results and return-on-investment possible.

Interested in discussing working with Amsource in more detail? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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