Game-changing talent acquisition solution that empowers fast-growing tech firms to achieve their ambitions.

Meet Edison

  • Disruptive


    Edison transcends traditional recruitment. It provides talent acquisition solutions that empower technology-led businesses to disrupt and dominate their space.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Talent Acquisition

    Edison is next-generation tech acquisition, enabling ambitious organisations to identify, attract and retain high calibre talent. Edison inspires growth while never compromising on quality.

  • Collaborative


    Edison creates a talent-platform that delivers tangible outcomes for clients and candidates. We value relationships, deliverables and results over transactions.

  • Tech-driven


    Edison combines innovative processes with unrivalled connectivity and the intelligent application of digital tech. Together they deliver a 100% hiring success rate. Guaranteed.

  • Conquer


    Edison counters the digital talent shortage by enabling tech firms to out-recruit the competition. And when you win the war for top talent, scarcity becomes a competitive advantage.

  • Diverse & Inclusive

    Diverse & Inclusive

    Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) sit at the heart of Edison. Our D&I Reporting tracks the diversity of the talent pool you engage, enabling you to measure engagement success.

Edison: empowering ambitious
tech start-ups and scale-ups

  • Acquiring top talent is essential to the success of every ambitious tech start-up and scale-up. We know that. It's why we've built a tailored talent acquisition solution that transforms those ambitions into reality.

    Edison has flexibility at its core. Edison's innovative feature set can be customised to match the needs and trajectory of your business.

  • We hate one size fits all.

    Return on investment is a critical conversation for growing tech businesses. Edison's unique pricing structure gives skills-hungry businesses all of Edison's premium features without requiring any major up-front investment. Win win.

Building Teams for Start-ups and Scale-ups Permanent Hiring

  • Talent as a Service

    Our Talent as a Service (TaaS) model is the optimal solution for rapidly scaling teams. It operates as an ongoing strategic partnership with an agreed base number of hires guaranteed.

    Talent as a Service fixes costs with a single monthly fee and provides huge discounts for additional hires.

    It's a true strategic partnership that enables you to hire more and scale quicker, while paying significantly less for premium talent.

  • Talent Channel

    The optimal solution when seeking four or more permanent hires with matching skill-sets.

    The commitment to multiple hires enables you to leverage Edison's premium Key Hires service at massively reduced cost.

    Leverage our network and platforms to grow your teams faster without compromising on the quality of hires.

  • Key Hires

    Key Hires is the best option for identifying and attracting top talent into your team. Either a single key role or a bundle of roles to build a team.

    It supersedes the traditional transactional recruitment model by focussing on relationships and measurable outcomes instead.

    Key Hires empowers skills-hungry start-ups and high-growth early-stagers to acquire sought after skills in a competitive marketplace.

Meet Edison for permanent hires GET IN TOUCH

Full Reporting Including D&I
C-Suite Advisory Service
Dedicated Delivery Team
Video Interview Platform
Managed Talent Campaigns
Employer Branding
Fix Costs / Cashback

Talent as a Service

Talent Channel

Key Hires

Building Project & Product Teams Flexible Resource with Contractors/Freelancers

  • Full Project SoW

    Instead of increasing internal headcounts, an increasing number of companies are outsourcing all (or parts) of their projects.

    In contrast to traditional consultancies, engaging with a talent solutions partner like Amsource provides flexibility and considerable cost savings when delivering outcome-led projects against defined statements of work.

    This includes outsourcing non-core projects, increasing the velocity of product builds and project re-alignment.

  • Scale Capacity

    Capacity as a Service (CaaS) enables flexible scalability without compromising on hire quality. We deploy high-calibre teams and pop-up squads to support existing projects and product builds, which deliver ready-made resource that you can scale up or down when needed.

    Capacity as a Service enables product features to be released to market rapidly, ensuring you are always able to meet stakeholder expectations.

  • 24-hour Rapid Response

    Our Rapid Response team deploys our high-quality Associates on-site within 24 hours. Our Associates are best-in-class in their fields. Their expertise include:

    • Project/Programme Delivery
    • Cloud Transformation
    • Software Engineering
    • DevOps
    • Product Development

    We have a virtual bench of highly skilled contractors available to deploy into projects on request.

As Standard

These are aspects of our offering that every talent service provider should offer as a given.


  • Outstanding Service
  • Amazing Candidate
  • Open Communication
  • Specialist Consultants
  • True Partnership
  • Managed Interview
  • Honest Approach with
  • Expert Market

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