Location: Berlin
Date Posted: 21/07/2021
Salary: €70,000 - 110,000
Expires: 21/07/2022
Function: Leadership
Role Type: Permanent
Package: + tokens / equity

Chief Marketing Officer / Communications Director - Berlin


Company Description

Revolutionary, fast-growing cryptocurrency company who are launching DeFi products (tokens / Decentralized Exchange) this summer. They have their future secured with generous funding and an exceptional strategy board. Their product and overall idea is to make transactions and exchanges across different networks super compatible and affordable. The product idea and concepts are supported by one of the most well-known crypto experts anywhere in the world.


Amsource have recently helped to grow their Engineering capacity. Their next ambition is to build a marketing team (1 CMO, and 1 Marketing specialist to start). These marketing experts will completely shape and influence the marketing strategy and be an absolutely critical contribution to community engagement pre-launch, and post-launch.


The CMO role & responsibilities

The CMO is a critical person for delivering brand and product engagement both prior to, and after the launch. You will be working directly with the CEO, the Ops Manager and the Crypto Analyst to:

  • become an immediate lead-member within the company
  • working daily with the subtle ecosystem changes in the ever-evolving crypto market
  • build marketing & communications strategy roadmaps
  • identify & prioritize key communities and social media channels (e.g. Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Bitcointalk and other crypto channels)
  • you'll have the opportunity to manage their immediate community and channels
  • creative freedom and dynamic approach to communication to engage the wider blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem
  • work alongside the Crypto Analyst to identify market trends and patterns, that can directly be translated into communications content (English)
  • you should enjoy having creative freedom and leading others and enabling them to have their own influence on whatever work they are delivering
  • critical contributions to brand awareness, engagement and growth
  • ensuring the community are always at the forefront of all content and understanding how to best-measure their acceptance


This is definitely a role that is best-suited to someone who has led marketing and communications teams in the past and has taken a more holistic overview of marketing departments. Ideally you will have worked in a start-up previously and definitely have some knowledge of Decentralised Finance.


Your employment history & current knowledge

  • Must have worked in tech / digital business previously
  • Must have worked with very technologically-driven departments, such as Software Engineers / QA / UX etc.
  • It would highly beneficial if you have worked in DeFi / Blockchain previously
  • You must have knowledge of a variety of different content creation tools
  • Analytics, KPIs and campaign is a must-have area of experience
  • You must have knowledge of Twitter community and content management
  • You should be aware of community channels such as Discord / Telegram and be happy to manage these
  • You must be willing to embed yourself into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and learn about the nuances within it
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