Head Of Engineering

Date Posted: 10/08/2022
Salary: €120,000
Expires: 05/01/2024
Function: Development
Role Type: Permanent
Package: + token equity, private medical,

Head of Engineering | Remote | Up to 160k

Blockchain...are there any seriously positive use cases for it?

Yes, there are. And you'll read about it below. But first, ask yourself .....do you want to make a huge, positive impact towards climate-change through the use of technology?

If you said yes, you have to read about this opportunity.

This Head of Engineering role could be a game-changer for the climate, but also for your career.

You will have the opportunity to work with one of the world's most innovative green-tech-advancing companies who are utilising the use of blockchain to completely change the face of the current climate-action industry. Many sustainability projects that make headlines today, suddenly seem to die after a few weeks or months. It is often due to investment issues or a lack of support. And this is often a result of a lack of accountability.

Now, not only can you invest in the leading green-tech projects and companies, but you can help support the most in-need green-tech projects before it's too late.

What's the best thing about this technology?.....every single unit of monetary asset that is dedicated/invested towards these projects is now completely traceable. This means 100% visibility and accountability of these companies.

What is the advantage of this?

Well, put simply, green-tech projects have additional responsibility to be accountable to how they spend their money and investment......which means feasibility and strategy will be more bullet-proof....which means projects will be more sustainable, and ultimately the end results will be delivered more efficiently and quickly.


The end result?....Sustainable energy sources will be delivered more consistently to the planet, very quickly reducing the need for fossil fuels and will help us transition to a genuinely sustainable planet.

Are you suitable for this role?

If you answer 'yes' to most of the following questions, then...yes... You could be suitable for this role!


The questions are:

  • Can I work remotely for most of the time?
  • Have I led people or teams in the past?
  • Do I love the web 3 / blockchain movement?
  • Do I love the idea of working with a potentially game-changing green-tech start-up?!
  • Am I happy to wear multiple hats in a dynamic start-up?
  • Can I run code review sessions?
  • Can I help to influence technical direction when necessary?
  • And can I support the growth of an engineering team?


Hopefully you answered yes to some of the questions above. And if you did, then hopefully you are familiar with:

  • Blockchain technologies (preferably solidity)
  • Microservice architectures
  • Backend - TypeScript Rust or Python
  • CI / CD & general DevOps principles


To welcome you onboard, you will obviously receive a salary in-line with how quickly you will be up to speed, and you will have the luxury of token equity, fully flexible working location, private medical insurance and the choice of hardware.


So, apply now to find out more!


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