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So you’re scaling rapidly and you’ve identified skills shortage as a key business risk. Amsource provides the platform to grow operational capacity without compromising on quality of hires – so you can expedite plans, free from the constraints imposed by a talent deficit. By creating a stable yet agile talent infrastructure, we enable tech firms to de-risk growth. And we offer innovative pricing models that can turn recruitment into a profit centre.
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    Flexible pricing

    With pay-monthly for start-ups, plus fixed-fee options in our Talent as a Service model, our innovative pricing helps you keep tight control of recruitment costs without impacting quality of service or the calibre of new hires.

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    Loyalty rewards

    When you commit to a long-term partnership with Amsource, we reward that loyalty by paying cash-back on unused CVs generated by your talent search – turning your recruitment activity into a profit centre.

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    Affiliate network

    Spanning a wide range of professional services, our affiliate network includes trusted partners who understand the challenges faced by tech start-ups. And have a proven track-record of delivering effective solutions.

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    Contractor / Freelance Management

    Our contractor management platform delivers all the benefits of hiring interim and freelance talent, without any of the usual hassle. And it comes with expert advice plus a complete regulatory compliance solution.


Our ability to unite talent with opportunity is founded upon deep industry knowledge.

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  • FinTech

    As the FinTech revolution gathers pace, firms’ ability to acquire the right skills has become a critical success factor.

  • AI

    Artificial Intelligence is driving innovation in all industries, creating ferocious competition for specialist talent.

  • Analytics

    If data is the new oil, analytical talent is essential to manage the exploration, extraction and refining processes.

  • HealthTech

    The UK is a major international hub for the HealthTech industry, and its growth trajectory gets steeper every day.

  • Blockchain

    Every disruptive technology has a tipping point, and as adoption becomes more widespread, Blockchain is going mainstream.

  • SaaS

    In today’s web-driven world, Software as a Service underpins global technology strategy in all industrial and commercial sectors.

  • Betting/Gaming

    It’s the relentless striving for competitive advantage that puts talent at the heart of every successful gaming brand.

  • Consultancy

    Acquiring top consultancy talent is about much more than just identifying technical capability – it’s a people thing.

  • Software House

    To build world-class software products, you first need to build a world-class team of engineers. We know where to find them.

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